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Primary General Health Check up

An annual dog checkup is an opportunity to bring up any questions and express any concerns you have about your pup (if he’s not sleeping well, your dog has discolored poop, etc.). You’re paying for your visit, so you might as well make the most of your time with the expert and ask away.

vaccination & Deworming of pet

All dogs and cats should be vaccinated to prevent against harmful and potentially life threatening diseases.

For dogs : Canine distemper, canine hepatitis, pata influenza, viral diarrhoea ( canine parvo virus, canine corona virus ) ,Leptospira, kennel cough and rabies

For cats : Rabies, panleukopenia virus, Rhinotracheitis, calci virus, Feline Leukemia virus.

Surgical Operations

Pet surgery is a common form of diagnostic and curative treatment.We have been performing surgeries like Dental surgery, orthopedic surgery, spaying and neutering surgery, cataract surgery, skin mass removal, open abdomen exploratory surgery, amputation.

Emergency & Critical Care

We provide immediate care and advice in handling trauma, illness, toxic ingestions and many other urgent situations.

Pet wound care, emergency stabilization, Emergency Fluid therapy , Treatment of excessive diarrhea and vomitings, Damaged joint and fracture care , Treatment of coma and seizures, Treatment for toxic hazards

Public Health

Diseases that are passed from animal to people (called zoonotic diseases or zoonoses) present an ongoing public health concern. Many organisms (such as bacteria, viruses, fungi etc.,) that infect animals can also cause diseases in people. we provide the prophylactic measures to prevent zoonotic diseases

Dog Adoption

Hundreds of dogs are abandoned and rescued in India everyday. Although there are many wonderful souls across the nation who work extra hours and put in efforts beyond their capacity, there is always a shortage of funding and communication across the animal activist circuit.

Health Certificates

Planning to transport your pets or other animals within county or internationally?? If so, you will likely need a certificate of veterinary inspection.

A certificate of veterinarian inspection also known as health certificate, is an official document issued by veterinarian certifying that the animals / pets identified on the document have been inspected and were found to satisfy the regulations pertaining to their intended movement or sale within the same state, between States or internationally

Diet Charts & Food Management

Given the fact that adopting an appropriate feeding schedule is essentially important to the steady growth and development of your dog, there is a need to be familiar and conversant with the best dog feeding schedule time and chart.

Onsite Laboratory Snap & Blood Tests

Blood or lab tests allow us to obtain information about your dog’s health that can only be found from collecting a sample of blood and having it analyzed. This includes a CBC (complete blood count) Liver function tests, Kidney function tests, snap tests for parvo etc, snap 4dx plus test (Tick disease) dermatology tests, pregnancy diagnosiskits, urine analysis, thyroid tests.

Pharmacy & Petshop

Some of the pet supplies you will need are food items, toys, collars & leashes, filters, bedding accessories, grooming kits, apparel and litter & housebreaking products. While it may seem like a long list, don’t worry – you can save yourself a lot of time & fuel buy shopping for these items in your shop.

Dog Training

Unless you plan to keep your dog outdoors–and few of us do because it’s not recommended–you’ll need to teach your dog where to eliminate. Therefore, house training (also called housebreaking or potty training) is one of the first things you need to work on with your dog.

Emergency Oxygen Facility & Blood Transfusion

Oxygen therapy is the act of supplementing the air the dog breathes with extra oxygen. This is needed in many situations when the dog has breathing difficulties and struggles to absorb oxygen or transporting that oxygen around the body. Oxygen therapy is the act of supplementing the air the dog breathes with extra oxygen.

Treatment of Exotic pets ( Birds, Turtles, Guinea pigs, Hamaters etc)

In many situations, an exotic pet is loosely defined as any pet that is not a dog, cat, or farm animal. This encompasses many different species of animals including pocket pets, birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians, hamsters andguinea pigs


The microchips themselves are tiny. They can be injected into your dog’s skin in just a few seconds, and it is extremely unlikely your dog will ever encounter a problem as a result of them. The procedure is so simple and safe, in fact, that even some dog groomers are able to offer the service.

Full Grooming

Dog grooming is one of your dog’s basic needs and an important part of dog ownership. Just like people, dogs need physical maintenance to look and feel their best.

Pet Breeding

Dogs have been known as man’s main best friend for a long time.
Looking for a family dog (or) Cat to bring home? Consult us for selection of best breed characteristics

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